KCDH is establishing partnerships with healthcare organizations (Digital Health Partners) to foster research and innovation in digital health, and access clinical expertise and data. These DHP partnerships are critical for KCDH to create rich research and academic opportunities in Digital Health.

IIT Bombay and its Digital Health Partners (DHPs) plays a key role in advancing healthcare informatics in India
  • Groom exceptional professionals
  • Drive world-class research
  • Promote entrepreneurship in the space

KCDH - DHP Partner Ecosystem

Hospitals & Healthcare Providers
Establish partnerships with leading hospitals to:
  • Drive joint research and academic programs
  • Get access to clinical and patient information
HealthTech Organizations
Collaborate with leading Indian healthcare research, global medical devices and software companies, and NGOs to:
  • Drive joint research programs and internships
  • Conduct Consortiums / lectures
Government (State/Central)
Collaborate with government organizations to:
  • Support public health initiatives
  • Collaborate with public health organizations

KCDH - DHP: Potential Areas of Collaboration

The partnership between KCDH and Digital Health Partners is driving significant collaboration across all entities
  • Develop academics curriculum spanning both Engineering/Math’s and Medical/Pharma domains
  • Faculty from KCDH - DHP can teach joint courses
  • Focus on broader initiatives encompassing capabilities, facilities of all partners
  • Broader access to clinical data and expertise
  • Ability to implement joint research programs and pilots
  • Greater ability to collaborate with regulators and public health professionals to support national health programs
  • Support roll-out of NDHM and other GOI initiatives
  • Access to broader sources of funding / grants
  • Ability to work with local, state and national organizations