BB 663 - Medical Imaging Physics

Course content
  • Planar X-rays: electromagnetic radiation, generation and characteristics of x-rays, x-ray tubes, interaction of x-rays with tissues.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI): concept of spin and nuclear magnetic resonance, spin decay through interaction with tissues, use of different magnets in MRI systems, one or two simple imaging sequences.
  • Ultrasound: characteristics of sound waves, piezoelectricity and generation of ultrasound, interaction of ultrasound with tissues, Doppler effect and its uses.
  • Introduction to Medical Imaging: Physics, Engineering and Clinical Applications, Nadine Barrie Smith and Andrew Webb (Cambridge University Press, 1st edition, 2011).
  • Medical Imaging Physics, William R. Hendee and E. Russell Ritenour (Wiley-Liss, 4th edition, 2002)
Total credits : 3 credits - Lecture
Type :
Duration : First half of semester