DH 802 - Service Operations and Quality Management in Healthcare

Course content
  • Fundamentals on Service Operations Management; Healthcare service operations; Design and management of service process; Managing service resources; Demand planning and forecasting,
  • Basics on Inventory management, Basics on supply chain, Management of queue, Staff scheduling, Project management, Supplier network management, Lean Management, Time and motion study.
  • Fundamentals on Quality Management; Understanding customers voices; expectations; perceptions; service quality, survey research; Inspection; Statistical Process Control; Design of Experiments; Six Sigma Methodology, ISO standards.
  • Text book:
  • (i) Service Operations Management: Improving Service Delivery, R Johnston, GClark, M Shluver, Pearson, 4th edition,
  • (ii) Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains, L J Krejewski, L PRitzman, M K Malhotra, S K Srivastava, Pearson, 9th edition
  • (iii) Healthcare Operations Management, D B. McLaughlin, Julie M. Hays, AUPHAPress, Washington, DC, 2008(vii) Total Quality Management (TQM), D. H. Besterfield et al., Pearson learning, Revised3rd Edition, 2011
  • (iv) Design and Analysis of Experiment (DAE), D. C. Montgomery, 8th Edition, WileyPublication, 2014
  • (v) Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Biologists, G. P. Quinn and M. J.Keough, Cambridge University Press, 2002
  • Journal References
  • (i) A history of research in service operations: What302222s the big idea? R B. Chase ,U. M. Apte , Journal of Operations Management, 25 (2007) 375302226386
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  • (v) Service quality: a tutorial, J Harvey, Journal of Operations Management 16 _1998.583302226597
  • Business Cases
  • (i) Apollo Hospitals Differentiation through Hospitality, S Kulkarni et al. (2013),IIM Bangalore, HBR Case
  • (ii) Forecasting Demand for Food in Appollo Hospital, S Roychoudhury et al. (2014),IIM Bangalore, HBR Case
  • (iii) Six Sigma at Academic Medical Hospital, D. C San et al. (2002), HBR Case(iv) Aravind Eye Care System, S Deo & K Ramdas, 2018, HBR Case SoftwareMinitab, R, Excel
Pre-requisite : N/A
Total credits : 6
Type : Theory
Duration :
Name(s) of other Academic units to whom the course may be relevant : N/A