DH 803 - Wearable Health Technologies

Course content
  • Background and Need for wearable monitoring. Need/Scope for wearable monitoring.Basics of common biomedical signals, basic parameters in physiological monitoring Source of data for wearable device: Electronic signals, Physical movements, Sweat, Tear, Sound, Breath, Basic sensors/transducers
  • Wearable Devices for Healthcare Types of Wearable Medical DevicesRehabilitation and Clinic or Ward based wearable devices. Point of care Devices or Home HealthCombination of Monitoring and Therapeutics. Type of measurement: Absolute measurement and Relative measurement. Non-invasive monitoring and subcutaneous monitoring. Differentiation between commercial monitoring (such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.,) versus medical-grade monitoring.
  • Technologies in Wearable HealthInternet of Things, Cloud computing and Telemedicine systems. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Wearable Technology. Framework for integration with digital networks
  • Data Validation and Management in Wearables Devices. Potential interference factors that affect the reliability of wearable sensors. Data standards for interoperability Privacy, Security & Ethics
  • Applications: Current and Futuristic Healthcare monitoring embedded in clothing and wearable accessories.Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Wearable Healthcare devices; Health Gamification. Non-conventional Applications: Sports medicine, Space Health, Mental Health, Oral Health, Defence
  • Eugenijus Kaniusas, Biomedical Signals and Sensors I, Linking Physiological Phenomena and Biosignals, Springer,
  • Edward Sazonov and Michael R. Neuman, Wearable Sensors: Fundamentals, Implementation and Applications, Elsevier Science, 2020.
  • Alan Godfrey and Stan Stuart, Digital Health Exploring Use and Integration of Wearables, Elsevier Science, 2021.
  • Manuel Cardona, Vijender Kumar Solanki, and Cecilia E. Garca Cena,Internet of Medical Things Paradigm of Wearable Devices, Taylor & Francis, 2021.
  • Peer-reviewed literature on various topics.
  • White papers from various wearable health device companies
Pre-requisite : N/A
Total credits : 6 credits - Lecture
Type :
Duration : Full Semester
Name(s) of other Academic units to whom the course may be relevant : N/A