ES 601- Environmental Health and Safety

Course content

Regulations for Environment, Health and Safety: Factories Act and Rules, Environmental Pollution Act, Oil Industry Safety Directorate (OISD), Indian Electricity Acts and Rules, Mines Acts and Rules, Workmen Compensation Act, OSHA Standards, IS & BS Standards Occupational Health and Hygiene: Physical hazards - Noise and vibration, Ionizing and non-ionizing radiations, Health effects, surveying methods, Control measures and protective equipment Chemical Hazards – Hazard identification, TLV for air, gas and chemical contaminants, Assessment of physical and chemical hazards; Occupational Health - Workplace health hazards, Industrial toxicology, and Risk assessment. Safety performance: Indian and International standards; Hazard analysis - Cost effectiveness in hazard elimination, logical analysis – HAZOP; Probabilistic reliability considerations. Safety management techniques: Safety inspection – safety action, safety survey disaster control, Fire hazard and firefighting, Case study in construction, chemical and oil/gas industry. Environmental Monitoring and Pollution Control: Environmental exposure standards, Human exposure and dose assessment, Study designs, Environmental monitoring of air, water, food, soil and microorganisms, Personal monitoring. Air, Water and Solid waste pollutants’ classification, major sources, control and mitigation and transport in the environment.


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Total credits : 6 - Lecture and Tutorial
Type : Department Elective
Duration : Full Semester