ME 780: Introduction to Biofluid Mechanics

Course content
  • Structure and function of biological cells, Types of tissues, Hierarchial structure of tissues, Human circulatory system, Lung physiology, Skeletal physiology.
  • Continuum kinematics, Constitutive relationships for fluid & solid stress, Navier Stokes Equation, Generalized Hooke’s law, Potential flow theory, Vortex dynamics Swimming and flying: S callop theorem.
  • Resistive force theory, Motion of flagellum, Swimming of flexible sheet, small amplitude, swimming of fish, Steady flight, Soaring of birds, Clap and fling mechanism for insect flight.
  • Blood flow in human body - Blood rheology, Flow through arteries and veins, Wave propagation in arterial circulation, Flow separation in bifurcations, Pulsatile flow, Cardiac cycle, Heart motion, Heart valve function, Disease conditions, Microcirculation physiology,
  • Pressure and velocity distribution in microcirculation beds, Hematocrit/FahraeusLindquist Effect/Fahraeus Effect, Interactions between cells and vessel walls.
  • Mass transport in microcirculation Flow in lungs and joints – Pressure volume relationship for air flow in lungs, Oxygen/CO2 diffusion, Oxygen/CO 2 transport in blood.
  • Synovial fluid flow Poroelasticity of tissues - Mechanical modeling of biological tissues, Stress Strain pore pressure relationship, Fluid content stress pore pressure relationship.
  • Darcy’s law, Matrix material and fluid incompressibility constraints, Undrained elastic coefficients, Basic equations for poroelasticity, Compression of a fluid filled anisotropic disc, Poroelastic modeling of tissues, Modeling array of cilia
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Pre-requisite : N/A
Total credits : 6
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