Opportunities in Digital Healthcare


The worldwide focus on enhancing Digital Health and informatics has resulted in massive investments and innovation in the field at an unprecedented scale. The market is expected to reach over $120 Bn by 2025 from $40 Bn in 2016 - a CAGR of 14%.  The growth rate will be highest in India / APAC region - rising awareness about usage of technology in healthcare and a simultaneous surge in the IT industry.

Some of the key drivers of Digital Health are:
  • Increase in usage of clinical systems by healthcare organizations
  • Increase in government spending in developing and upgrading healthcare infrastructure
  • Increase in internet connectivity across the country
  • Massive growth in mobile phones
  • Advancements in data management, analytics, and AI/ML technologies

Career Opportunities in Digital Health

Digital Health offers a range of career opportunities across corporates, start-ups / entrepreneurship and academics / research.

  • Corporate Opportunities
    Digital Health offers significant global career opportunities across a range of organizations:
    • Healthcare software companies, medical devices companies
    • Life Sciences / Pharma cos.
    • Clinical Research labs
    • Large Hospitals, Specialty care
    • Health insurance organizations
    • Public Health organizations
  • Start-ups / Entrepreneurship
    Digital Health offers significant start-ups/entrepreneurship opportunities.  Digital Health is one of the most exciting areas for start-ups worldwide. In India too, there is a significant rise in VC / Private equity investments in healthcare technology over the past 5 years.

  • Academics / Research
    Digital Health is one of the most exciting areas for academic work and research.  Many leading universities such as Harvard, JHU, Brown, Stanford, etc have programs in Digital Health and Informatics leading to opportunities in academics and research at top facilities across the world

KCDH provides students with the necessary skills and experience to be able to have a very unique profile that will enable them to avail the opportunities across any of the three streams based on their interests.

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