TD 617 - Healthtech Innovation and Design

Course content
  • Lectures will introduce the healthcare scenario in India with focus on the disease status,government policies, both at a national level, as well as specifically in the rural sector. It will also cover the fundamentals of need analysis, innovation, technology, design, development and deployment of med-tech devices. Marketability aspects will be introduced through case studies.
  • Tutorials: The tutorials will supplement the lecture series. In groups of 3 or 4, the students will practice need assessment techniques and define problem statements relevant to the med-tech industry. Students will be exposed to PHCs and community health departments and their ongoing preventive and therapeutic healthcare efforts. In further sessions, students will be taught techniques for project planning and production of a working unit with performance assessment. Where feasible, students will be encouraged to build actual prototypes using digital prototyping infrastructure available with the Instructor, as well as elsewhere on campus.
  • Biodesign: The process of innovating medicaltechnologies Zenios et al. (Eds.) CambridgeUniversity Press, 20092. The Medical Device R&D Handbook. Kucklick,T. , 2nd Ed., CRC Press, 23. India's Healthcare Industry: Innovation in Delivery, Financing, and Manufacturing. Burns,L. R. Cambridge University Press, 2014.4. Discussion Papers and Policy Notes from the World Bank
Pre-requisite : N/A
Total credits : 6
Type : Theory
Duration :
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